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Research Projects

In 2002-2004 our representative participated in the project ERRICCA 2 - European Radon Research and Industry Collaboration Concerted Action. It brought together thirty-five partners representing scientific and industrial organizations from twenty European countries with the following main goals:
  • bringing European radon professionals together to discuss and debate radon issues, and collaborate with research at both National and European levels,
  • establishing an annual National Forum in each of the 20 countries,
  • laying the foundation for a European Radon Website,
  • compiling a series of position papers describing radon in Europe and identifying areas requiring further investigation, research and guidance,
  • identifying areas where greater harmonization of protocols for radon measurement, mitigation and protection would be both practical and desirable,
  • furthering the debate regarding radon emanation from common building materials, and testing protocols for radon barrier materials,
  • laying the foundation for a European radon mitigation solution database,
  • preparing guidance to assist professionals involved in buying and selling of homes in radon affected areas in Europe,
  • raising radon awareness in national and local governments
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