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Workshop presentations / abstracts

E. Baptista, A.J.S.C. Pereira, F.P. Domingos, S.L.R. Sêco  
Indoor radon and thoron levels in the Southwest region of Angola

I. Barnet, P. Pacherová, M. Poňavič
Radon and equivalent gamma dose rate variations at different types of
anthropogenic inhomogeneities in Erzgebirge and its piedmont area (NW Bohemia)

P. Bossew, E. Petermann
What is the objective of radon abatement policy? – Revisiting the concept of radon
priority areas

G. Cinelli, M. De Cort, T. Tollefsen, P. Bossew, V. Gruber
An overview of the European Atlas of Natural Radiation publication

I. Csige, S. Gyila, E. Sóki
Origin and transport of radon in a wet mofette of Covasna, Romania

E. Fialová, P. Otáhal, J. Vošahlík
Calibration under low-level of radon activity concentration

V. Gruber, S. Baumann, G. Wurm, O. Alber, W. Ringer  
Identification and delineation of radon areas in Austria

O. Kořistka, K. Navrátilová Rovenská, I. Fojtíková
The overview of a system of radon prevention in the Czech Republic

K. Täht-Kok, K. Saarik, E. Kuusma
Radon risk assessment in so far insufficiently investigated administrative units in Estonia

K. Navrátilová Rovenská, I. Fojtíková, K. Jílek, A. Froňka, J. Hradecký, J. Lenk, O.
Pařízek, M. Šesták  
Utilization of integral ventilation rate measurement in practice

M. Nordquist, F. Johansson, J. Leveau
From mapping of radon in soil to inventory of radon indoors - The Swedish Story

E. Petermann, P. Bossew
How to use machine learning for (radon) mapping?

Z. Podgórska
Implementation of the national radon plan in Poland – the first year of experiences
and challenges

D. Rábago, E. Fernández, C. Grossi, A. Vargas, C. Sainz, S. Celaya, I. Fuente, M.
Fuente, L. Quindós
The exhalation bed: facility to calibrate radon flux devices

R. Koch, L. Paap, J. Šommet
Long-term study of radon concentration dynamics in a four-storey building

J.L. Gutierrez Villanueva
ERA: the European Radon Association

J.L. Gutierrez Villanueva
Radon: challenges, priorities, gaps – the view of stakeholder

K. Zaplata, S. Kerker, T. Kuske, S. Kraft-Bermuth, J. Breckow
Integrated system for the determination of the geogenic radon potential 
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